Problem with whonix installation

Sorry for the newbee question, maybe it has been already posted but i can’t understand something about Whonix.
I have downloaded the .ova images, then i have imported them in virtual box. When i try to start both Whonix workstation and whonix gatwey i arrive at some point when it says to me : '‘user: user… password: changeme’'
I log in as user, and i use the password ‘‘changeme’’, then ok, i am logged in but nothing happens. It says to me '‘type ‘‘whonix help’’… if you want to be promped to the back feel free to press enter’'
I can’t not load sistem and nothing happens.

None could help me, please?
I can’t go further, because after i have logged in as user, and i have typed the password ‘‘changeme’’, as default, nothing happens.

Did you change any VirtualBox settings during or after import? Don’t reduce RAM settings too much. Otherwise no desktop environment will start.

Hi Patrick, no, i have changed anything in the virtualbox, except for the basic memory o the virtual box. I changed it to 128 MGB according to the Whonix agreement.

Whonix agreement says: ‘‘if you have less than 2Gb of RAM in your host pc, set the memory of 128MGB into the virtual machine settings’’.

I have a pc with 800 MGB of RAM. Can i still run whonix?
I don’t think so, because actually i am not able to virtualize whonix with my 800 MGB ram pc.
So i am asking to you, an host with 800 Mb of RAM, is too less to run Whonix?

Good day,

if you lower the RAM this much, you’ll enter the “non-gui” mode, which is soley based on the terminal. So that you are not seeing a GUI is actually supposed to happen. Furthermore, 800mb really is too low, since this memory would be shared over two VMs and the host and seeing how long there have been no PCs with this little RAM, I have to presume the rest of your hardware won’t be capable enough as well.

Have a nice day,


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