Problem with downloading in Tor Browser

My version of Whonix

When I try to open an html file through tor browser, it says:
Access to the file was denied

The file at /home/user/Desktop/1.html is not readable.

It may have been removed, moved, or file permissions may be preventing access.

Also when I try to download a file and save it on my Dekstop it says:
Could not read the contents of Desktop
Error opening directory ‘/home/user/Desktop’: Permission denied

So I can only save it here: home/user/Downloads (that’s what I have in my tor browser settings), but with the version ( I could save wherever I wanted (for example to my desktop) and I could open any html file, but now it won’t let me do that.

I can’t open the html file through tor browser, even though it is in this path home/user/Downloads

It’s a feature. Not a bug.


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Thanks for the reply, didn’t know, how do I open the html file through tor browser then? Never used AppArmor, only FireJail

I realized if I move my html file here /home/user/.tb/tor-browser/Browser/Downloads/
Then it would open

I understand that for safety reasons it is better not to change anything and move all files there, right?

Put it in a folder allowed by AppArmor or customize the AppArmor profile.

In theory, right.

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