Problem with clipboard

Hello everyone! I ran into a clipboard problem after updating virtualbox. Everything works fine on version 6.1.16, but if you upgrade to the latest recommended version from the whonix developers, the clipboard stops working after some time. Usually after 30-60 minutes. In the process of working, I actively use it when copying between different virtual machines and the host system. It is the external copying between the host system and the virtual machine that stops working. Everything works fine in the host system and in the virtual machine when copying inside itself. To make the clipboard work again, you need to restart the virtual machine. All updates are installed in whonix. What can this problem be related to?

My host system is Ubuntu

Whonix developers don’t write any source code for copy/paste, VirtualBox guest additions internals that could cause a bug that happens after 30-60 minutes.


Otherwise: VirtualBox Generic Bug Reproduction required.

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