Problem with boot of Whonix on KVM.

Hello I have a problem with boot of Whonix on KVM. All was made exactly by this manual Whonix ™ for KVM
If I click the ‘play’ symbol in Virtual Machine Manager the boot process of gateway is freezing.
After rebooting system I cant login under user: X-session error ‘cant write to /tmp…etc’
Then I delete .opig2 files from /var/lib/libvirt/images I can login under sudo user again without any problems. So problem was in huge size of .opig2 files (~100gb unpacked size)
The way to resolve this problem is more space for .opig2 or what?

Try to search for similar problem reports if you use something other than Debian. If there is no solution, switch distros.

Its qcow2 not opig2 and no we don’t ship 200GB of images. They are sparse files which means they can potentially expand to 100GB but are 1GB only.

Yes qcow2 files sorry for little mistake. Its running under Debian 9. I have search for similar but cant find any sparse files or qcow2 Xsession’s problem.

I assume “system” you mean your Debian 9 host?

A quick search shows that this happens because your /tmp directory is full. In your terminal, try running:

sudo apt-get clean

Its a sign that your root partition is also full. You might need to re-partition your drive to expand the /tmp/ folder.

With sparse files make sure you move rather than copy them since copying will cause them to expand to a 100GB

You can move the .qcow2 files to your home directory, and in the configuration xml files you will need to know the path to them.