Problem when import about:config settings from TBB to Firefox

I think the file named prefs.js is the Tor Browser about:config settings, for the security reason I tried to copy it to the normal Firefox folder to instead the perfs.js for normal Firefox using, but after that no connection for the Firefox, is there any way to make Tor Browser yourself?

Yes, but it’s harder than that. You can’t convert a firefox that way into Tor Browser, because the latter contains source code level patches, see also:

is there any way to make Tor Browser yourself?

You can get the source code and build instructions for building TBB from

Compiling source code etc is out of beginner 's knowledge, I only wonder simple level, which prefs.js settings in TB (Tor Browser) can transfer to the the normal Firefox but let it browse the webpage like TB does.

Manually is too difficult. Best you could to is re-use the whole TBB user settings profile for firefox. And then you’d still end up with a very rare configuration, because very few are doing this.

Not sure if compiling from source is so hard. If you’re lucky you find step by step build instructions and an automated build system.