Problem by isolating VM clone in QEMU KVM

Firstly I configured a whonix gateway and another standard workstation with default settings in Qemu KVM Following step by step each tutorial instruction and until then it worked.

After that I cloned both the gatway and the workstation and thesis it works, but when I went to check the tutorial on multiple gatways and multiple workstations started to have problems.

The scenario is, any of them work, but are not isolated, Gatway Default can provide connection to the Workstation Clone and Gatway Clone can provide connection to the default workstation. This I imagine is wrong. But I confess that I did not understand the tutorial of both Gatway and Workstatio to change internal network settings and isolate them.

When I created the clones I noticed that MAC addresses have automatically changed, making part of the dispensable tutorial recommendation which leads to believing that they are lagged including current versions of customers. And this is one of the big problems, I can’t read this tutorial without being confused. I really do not understand how to proceed and resolve because most of the instructions are texts of text with weak contextualization and dissonant of much of the real interface of the client Qemu KVM that squeege in the most current version of host Fedora Linux 37. I would like a solution Practical and more cohesive how to isolate the clone modules of the original modules so that Gatway Clone cannot provide connection to the original workstation and the original gatway cannot provide connection to the Workstation Clone, as this could probably be a serious attack vector I suppose.