Probably a dumb question but I'm new

I am new to Qubes and I am just in the beginning stages of learning how everything works. This is my very first install and I would prefer not to mess anything up but most importantly I NEED security.
My reason for choosing Qubes is because someone or a group of people have been relentlessly hacking every device I own, all of my android devices received updates disguised as security updates but was in fact malware and once on there “they” used my Microsoft and Google Authentication’s against me to take over everything. My Microsoft account was taken over so it did not matter how many times I reinstalled Window’s. All of my passwords, on Edge and Chrome, to everything was compromised. I had bought a brand new phone which I thought would fix the issue if I made a new Google account but as soon as I had it updated, these new “system updates” appeared. The first one was an 15MB update that would not allow me to stop it and then my phone restarted, then a second system update of 11MB appeared and it restarted again and then android 14 installed but it was some random custom android version, the Kernel Version was all wrong along with the Baseband.(You can lookup these android 15MB & 11MB system updates for an interesting read)
I discovered they were apparently finding me through my IP address, so I had this changed thinking that I could do a factory reset and start over but apparently since it installed android 14 it reset the factory firmware so a reset does nothing.

But I am still using the IP address that this infected phone is on, although I had it changed once (the phone was still infected) and I have had strange issues with installs of Ubuntu in the past few weeks, such as losing Sudo access, other issues after successfully attaching Pro and later checking Pro status and it being disabled. I have even tried Ubuntu 23.10 and used Apparmor, this may have been the one I lost Sudo access to?

Anyway, I truly want to make this a successful (Qubes) OS since it appears built for security first. I only had one question and it is about updating whonix. Upon my first login after connecting with the Tor network I was greeted by a window that said whonix would update automatically but to open the Whonix ws 16 terminal to check that it could be updated by typing in “update-nonroot” which did download and install some things and during I was asked at some point if I wanted to continue by typing Y or N so I proceeded.
I just want to make absolutely certain this is all correct given my horrible past experiences over the last two months.

I sincerely apologize if my question seems moronic since I am so very new to this particular OS. I do promise that I am going to continue studying everything that I can about this OS as I do wish to make it a home for me. I can say with great certainty that I have grown very tired of using other operating systems that almost have no security worth mentioning,

Thanks for any support, advice offered, as I truly appreciate it. We were all new once somewhere, a classroom, a job, perhaps you can recall a person who helped guide you along the way. I like to believe in the spirit of helping others as those you help can go on, helping other’s!

If only hacking was that easy

What you are saying is simply put not remotely possible unless your attackers are a well-funded government.

Phones are insanely secure (but not necessarily private), it is very difficult to catch malware on Android the same way you are putting it.

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Hello Derek.

Please separate your past experience with the real support question, it makes it easier for us to reply.

Unrelated to Whonix.

Everything is good. Updates should be done on the template.


Assuming this is false (what I think):

This might be your interpretation but I find this highly unlikely. To make such a statement you need skills to confirm this is actually happening. You’d need to be malware analyst or similar. Capable for analyzing a binary, pointing out the details of what’s happening.

These wiki chapters might help:

Assuming this is true (but I do not think):

This is certainly an advanced adversary.
Does Whonix / Tor Provide Protection from Advanced Adversaries? in Whonix wiki

The short answer is “no such claims are made”. There is no serious operating system that claims to be able to resist such types of adversaries. No software can help.

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