Printer yellow dots anonymization

Printer yellow dots are small dots that encode identifiable information into all printed pages. This has been used since the 1980s to track people.

There is a tool called DEDA to anonymize these and prevent tracking.

It would be nice to include this in Whonix/Kicksecure to protect whistleblowers and such. It would mainly be useful for Whonix host.

Tails is looking into including this.



There has been some criticism by the MAT2 developer.


Unfortunately, the way DEDA works is working, from my understanding, is by calibrating itself on “known bad” documents, meaning that it doesn’t provide a generic solution.

A better solution would be to render the documents in black and white, since the yellow marks will likely be rounded to white, but this will make non-textual documents barely usable/readable. Like pdf-redact-tool ( https://github.com/firstlookmedia/pdf-redact-tools ) is doing.

Maybe I should add such option to mat2, behind a --paranoid flag?

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