Post install questions:PGP files, username and pw change

First of all thank you to Ego for your valuable links and fast answer to my questions. Again I apologize for how new I am to both Linux and whonix. I am about to change the default username and pw do I run these commands on both the gateway and workstation or just the gateway?

My next question is I noticed that there is a PGP app on the workstation however how can I import keys that are on files located on the host outside the VM?? In other words if I have keys located on files outside the VM how can I xfer them to VM?

Lastly, when it comes to installing apps like pidgin OTR can I just run the same commands I did when installing them on Ubuntu??

Again, please forgive how big a noob I am at this, I have tried doing my own research but many of the Linux instructions are meant for people that have at least a basic knowledge of Linux and it’s commands. Again any help would be appreciated and I imagine it will be some time before you hear an intelligent question from me.

Thanks in advance.

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You only need to change the passwords, not the usernames and this needs to be done both on the Workstation and the Gateway, see: Post-installation Security Advice

Regarding your second question, please read this: File Transfer - Whonix

To your third question yes, but keep in mind this needs to be done on the Workstation.

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