Possible Tor Browser/Whonix Leak


I am using Qubes 4.1 last fully updated a couple of days ago. I have not made any modifications. My hardware has not been compromised.

I launched the Tor Browser in a disposable Whonix Workstation.

I checked ipleak and confirmed my ip was hidden and was instead an exit node in another country.

When searching in the top bar I got a message in the browser that my connection was reset.

I hit enter to search again, and I was taken to a Duck Duck Go page with the language set to that of my home country and not the exit node.

When checking ipleak again after I saw only the exit node in a foreign country again.

Unfortunately the duck duck go search does not show ip, but the very unusual behaviour of selecting a very specific non-American country of location concerns me.

I often get sdwdate errors, I am unsure if this is related.

I should also mention that my search terms were not in my own language so they could not have detected it that way.

Tor has reliability issues. No evidence of leaks.

Tor keeps changing the Tor circuit and has exit relays in many different countries which also keep changing, specifically if a previous Tor circuit was previously unusable by Tor (as simple as a Tor relay restart due to applying operating system updates leading to a Tor circuit being down and user experiencing connection reset). Also no evidence of a leak.


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