Portable VirtualBox on Windows

I’m not sure if we could use it, but there is a “portable” build of virtualbox for windows:

There’s another version from a less reputable (but apparently experienced) source here:

This may or may not be relevant when we create a all-in-one download/installer for windows. A portable build, I suspect, may be easier to install/uninstall and may not dig so deep into the host OS.

It’s a fine idea.

Another option would be the VirtualBox core combined with PhpVirtualBox. Drawbacks: 1) we also would have to deploy a webserver which PhpVirtualBox needs to function. 2) Running in a browser looks weird. Perhaps somehow it can be made look standalone? ; Advantage: hacking PhpVirtualBox (disabling dangerous buttons) should be easier.

Or we can control VirtualBox through the command line interface only. A (compiled) windows batch file or linux shell script could be sufficient to start the gateway and the workstation, thus hiding most Virtualbox controls.

It’s been a while since I’ve been on the forum. Hope everyone is doing well. I know development has always been about Whonix having its own host. But if making Whonix work from a USB, where its portable, is something the community is looking for there is a “Portable VirtualBox” program that appears to work from a USB. I just came across it. For the folks that know what they are looking at code wise: GitHub - vboxme/Portable-VirtualBox: Portable-VirtualBox is a free and open source software tool that lets you run any operating system from a usb stick without separate installation., https://www.howtogeek.com/188142/use-portable-virtualbox-to-take-virtual-machines-with-you-everywhere/ .

That might be helpful for:

(Unavailable at time of writing.)

Might simplify creation of it. Though, maybe then it wouldn’t be called “installer” anymore.

Issue with vbox.me is that it’s unsupported at official VirtualBox forums, VirtualBox developers. Therefore Whonix would move itself into a corner for any VirtualBox issues which could no longer be redirected to upstream VirtualBox.

“Mostly” Portable VirtualBox is something that would be best offered by official. virtualbox.org.

Created feature request against upstream VirtualBox:
something like Portable VirtualBox vbox.me (VirtualBox inside a single folder for use on USB)

And a feature request against vbox.me to upstream to virtualbox.org:

It’s under a nonfreedom software license.


And it doesn’t look that this will be fixed.