port Whonix from Debian stretch to Debian buster

Work in progress. See git master.


That red miniature dachshund barking noise can be heard from outside Andy’s ummm Patrick’s verkshop :wink:
Rex: “Oh! It’s Buster!
Sarge: “Canine alert! Man your battle stations! Let’s move, move, move!”

Patrick: Werk in progress. See git meister… (Hundefutter :wink:

Me thinking out loud… dogfooding coming soon to a Whonix kennel nearby LOL

Thank You Patrick & Co

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Great news! How hard does the port look like?

https://github.com/Whonix/Whonix/compare/5959902f0f8faf71c3b45e04c03ad7d5940cee2e... builds, but I haven’t tested yet if it also boots, let alone if there are any issues. There could be a lot issues due to sudo. (kdesudo deprecated, replacement required for Debian buster based Whonix 15 - #6 by Patrick)

Hi Patrick how can we build the developers-only version? I didn’t find how.

same as Whonix 14 Build and Update Whonix ™ from Source Code (no changes for build documentation for Whonix 15 required)

I don’t see an option to build the developers-only version? Do I need a Buster machine to build it?

There’s no special option. Just use Whonix 14 build documentation, instead whenever it says “stretch”, think “buster” and use the developers-only tag.


Following instructions here

Gateway-XFCE build fails at 2400_convert-raw-to-qcow2 stage with

qemu-img: Invalid buffer size for sparse output specified. Valid sizes are multiples of 512 up to 16777216. Select 0 to disable sparse detection (fully allocates output).

last_failed_bash_command: sudo $SUDO_OPTS qemu-img convert -p -O qcow2 -S "$VMSIZE" -o cluster_size=2M -o preallocation=metadata "$binary_image_raw" "$binary_image_qcow2"

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I guess KVM builds are entirely untested for now.

^ Please fix @HulaHoop.

(You might be able to run that build step manually by now.)


Port to buster seems almost complete. Basic functionality is working.

All changes that happened due to the port:


Now it’s just about testing and bug fixing.

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Above fix is included in

Build and upload successful. Announcement will be made soon.

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