Port to openSUSE

Was not suggested by me. Just posting here for tracking purposes. Discussion here:

Why opensuse? If we are porting to a new distro we might as well port to Gentoo.

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Argued for in the ticket. My forum posts (that contain mostly links) make little sense without following the links.

Note: It wasn’t me who suggested that. I am just attempting to keep all the discussions linked together so others can comment too.

This was:

  • explored in greater detail a few years ago Gentoo / Hardened Gentoo
  • would need a contributor working on it. There are many topics should port to this and usually it goes nowhere.

openSUSE as recently added to base operating system comparison table by a wiki editor without account:
Security-Focused Operating System Comparison as Base for Whonix chapter Comparison Table in Whonix wiki

Don’t think Gentoo makes sense for Whonix, but kicksecure is very good consideration. Personally have been using most kicksecure features and recommendations on top of Gentoo manually with no issues (at least in my configuration).

I believe kicksecure “port” for Gentoo is already done as it just needs overlay repo to reflect changes for automatic deployment (in systemd version case).

I compared a few packages and these were not as up-to-date as upstream. Apparently even openSUSE Tumbleweed lags behind upstream in many cases.

Worse, even if considering openSUSE Leap (seems similar to Debian stable), some packages are fully missing.

Therefore, I am not convinced it is worth porting to openSUSE.

Here are my notes:

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