Please help. Two synchronical connections on one server. A question for connoisseurs, an interesting task.

Hi everyone, I have a question.

I sincerely thank in advance all those who decide to help with their advice.
the fact is that I have a special case. I use windows server and each of users have their own copy (workstation and gateway) however, when I want to start two connections at once at the same time I can’t, the connection does not work.

I have one server based on Windows server, 2012 there are two users on it. The server has the ability to add an additional

The task is how to make both connections workable, that is, so that my friend can work from different accounts on the same server, so that everyone uses their own copy of the WHONIX virtual machine

What settings to use and where can I read more about something like that? Many thanks to everyone who takes the trouble to answer the question. I apologize for my English :slight_smile: I really hope for your answers.

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