Please critique my proposed networking setup

I have a laptop with Windows 10 installed and NordVPN installed.

I have another laptop with only Qubes-Whonix installed and MullvadVPN.

Does it make any sense to setup the Windows 10 NordVPN laptop as a wifi hotspot, then use it as my network connection for Qubes-Whonix laptop with Mullvad VPN running? Then use Tor Browser?

I know I can make it all function but its hard for me to understand what I’d actually be doing.

Tor Browser->VPN->VPN?

Should I install Whonix on the Windows 10 laptop as well?

Please feel free to tell me if this a dumb idea! I’m just trying to learn through experimentation.

For my type of use, largely education and research at this point, I’m not worried about an advanced adversary. But maybe a medium advance adversary?

I’m still learning. Thank you for your help and patience.

This was very helpful. I removed my vpn.

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