Playing Dota2 with Torified SteamOS by Qubes-Whonix

Today we gonna Torify SteamOS which has the greatest games that supports GN/Linux OSs through Whonix-GW:


  • Create Debian standalone based VM (make sure that networking connected to a Whonix-GW).

  • After that Go to Debian standalone Settings and increase private storage to 20 GB (or more if you want).

  • Start the VM and go to sources.list and add non-free to the repos

deb https://deb.debian.org/debian stretch main contrib non-free
deb https://deb.debian.org/debian-security stretch/updates main contrib non-free
  • Then allow multiarch & update

sudo dpkg --add-architecture i386
sudo apt update

  • Then install Steam (full documentation of Steam in Debian here)

sudo apt install steam

  • Login to your account and then search for dota2 then download & play it:


  • Graphical blurred in the Game = Expected as Graphical Card not yet supported in Qubes.
  • Slowness and i think thats expected due to lack of graphical support.
  • Dont install any graphical driver as it will not start steamOS and it will show a message telling you that OpenGL is not supported by display. So better not to install it.
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Interesting! But not practical without GPU passthrough I think.

Why use whonix-gw instead of over clearnet? I think you have to sign into Steam anyway so they have your real-life identity, regardless of Tor, right? Then Tor only adds gameplay latency.

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Thats for sure, but my purpose is to notify users/developers/fans to use very secure environment like Qubes with Very secure connection and design like Whonix in order to do fun things like playing games. So this is possible as you see but we hope that ppl have the enough awarness to make this happen in GNU/Linux world , instead of doing it in a harmful environment like Windows or Mac.

Because GW torify your connection , so when you are playing or using steamOS then your privacy wont be harmed by valve because in the end they are eating their food by selling your privacy.

No, actually you can register anonymously with any email provider like https://anonymousspeech.com/ (or any provider), then register in steamOS with your email.

So the email provider doesnt know who you are nor valve. By this you protect yourself from privacy attacks.

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I mistakenly thought setting up Steam involved setting up a payment method (and they don’t accept bitcoin anymore). I didn’t realize dota2 was free to play.

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