Plan to create sub-pages for Qubes wiki documentation


ID: 211
PHID: PHID-TASK-bnmiiwwovqypjlqe7su6
Author: WhonixQubes
Status at Migration Time: resolved
Priority at Migration Time: Normal


I’m planning a more extensive and cleaner format for the new Qubes + Whonix wiki documentation, by partitioning it across multiple sub-pages.

On the [[ Qubes-Whonix Overview | main Qubes documentation page ]], I will create a general overview along with summaries and links for the sub-pages that deal with individually meaningful pieces of documentation.

I will plan to have all directly related Qubes documentation sub-pages canonically under the URL of the main page like this…

For example:

  • Install guides will be sub-pages
  • How To guides will be sub-pages
  • Specific informational pages can be sub-pages, like Whonix vs. TorVM

And on each sub-page, to deal with people getting disoriented and stuck who may have been deep linked to a sub-page and not be aware of the main Qubes page, I will create a wiki template of a section that briefly explains what the Qubes + Whonix platform is, that they are on a documentation sub-page and provide them a clear link to the main Qubes documentation page. I will insert this template at the top and bottom of each sub-page so people are more likely to see it.

Overall this sub-page format should help us achieve more extensive, organized, and useful documentation for Qubes + Whonix, I believe.



2015-03-18 20:08:36 UTC