pidgin doest connect help me pls

Hi, im download new whonix, and try use pidgin, its just cant connect, what i need to do? i need that

why u ruine pidgin? how fix that?

if some 1 have old version whonix drop it to me pls…

I did not. I did not touch Pidgin source code. It’s not my source code. Pidgin didn’t even come to my mind for a long time until I read this forum post.

Piding is independently developed by the Pidgin developers and then packages by Debian maintainers and uploaded to Debian. I am not involved in this process.

No idea. Also not planning to look into this as per:
Instant Messenger Chat chapter Pidgin in Whonix wiki

Whonix routed all traffic over Tor. But I cannot possibly debug every application specific issue.

  • Check the Pidgin changelog.
  • Check if there are any logs.

Most likely needs to be resolved as per:

This support request can be made unspecific to Whonix by removing the Whonix specific part of the question. Then you can redirect the question elsewhere, the Piding or so.

How to use Pidign when using a Tor transparent proxy?

i had the same issue with pidgin from the repos, it was working normally and then it stopped
i ended up using the flatpak version, not sure if it’s bad for security but i didn’t find any other option

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