Pid file /run/tor/ doesn't exist an one other error

I’m using CLI version of Whonix (XFCE will freeze my computer :D)

I’m trying to create hidden service with a tutorial from youtube.

I can’t connect to tor. When I run sudo service tor status it says active (exited)
I have also tried sudo service tor@default restart but nothing happens. Then I have to restart my VM.

When I was following the tutorial I ran command sudo cat /var/lib/tor/hidden_service/hostname to check my onion address. It says that file doesn’t exist

How I can fix these errors?

Pid file /run/tor/ doesn't exist is probably the root issue to concentrate on.

This part of the issue must be ignored until the root issue is fixed.
(Once the next issue is fixed, this issue is probably also fixed.)



Also useful, learn how to setup a Tor onion service outside of Whonix. As if you did not now Whonix existed. And then setup a Tor onion service there. As per Free Support for Whonix ™