Physically isolated GW + 3g dongle

Default debian buster allows to get internet from such dongle after installing extra packages (libjim77, usb_modeswitch, usb_modeswitch-data), no further actions are required. I have installed extra packages to an isolated Whonix 15 GW, but had no success with getting internet up. What are the necessary steps to make it work? The dongle itself acts as an external ethernet interface recognized by GW as eth1 and it also has DCHP onboard.


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I’ve followed your advice and worked with ifupdown, I’ve even manually installed network manager to have GUI and make it easier, 3g dongle is definitely detected by the system and it successfully connects to GW, so missing drivers are not the reason of issue. The internet is not working, something is blocking it. Tor doesnt even try to load, it immediately exits with error code 1. I’ve tried to share internet with GW by lan cable, still no success. I guess the main issue is firewall, I’m trying to solve the problem by myself but limited with my knowledge…

Well, the problem now is not about 3g dongle at all, but how to just make ANY internet work on an isolated GW. Following Physical Isolation guide, you dont need to make any extra network configuration except editing 30_non-qubes-whonix to change the address and the gateway of eth0 corresponding to your local network / upstream router. I’m using a simple router with ethernet cable to get the connection with eth0, so that’s a really strange behavior. I’ve checked this setup on default debian buster, it picks up internet with no problem. Also Anon Connection Wizard acts unusual, from my experience if there is something wrong with internet connection it still trying to connect for some time, not instantly giving up with error code 1…Is it possible that something is broken in a whole GW setup? The building process was fine, though.

grep Whonix source code for



Or can somehow the dongle be renamed to eth0?

I got the source code lines, well, I need to investigate further if dongle can be renamed, but firstly I need to get internet on GW at least by using default config, because it doesnt work either and that’s the main problem. I dont have any idea why it doesnt work out of the box.

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