Physical isolation using Qubes and Whonix..

I am looking to use Qubes/Whonix as a dedicated Tor router.

And then route a laptop through my Qubes/Whonix system.

Main router => Qubes/Whonix Tor router => My laptop for browsing web

I want to know how to share the connection of Whonix/Tor in Qubes, with a laptop that connects into the machine physically. I want to share the connection of the Whonix VM only. Not the entire system.

I want to do this, rather than use Whonix’s regular system. The reason is, I want the VT-D protection that Qubes provides against attacks on the WiFI/network card. Whonix does not provide this VT-D protection, as far as I can tell.

Physical isolation for Qubes-Whonix is unsupported. There is a chance that asking on qubes-users would yield better answers.