Phabricator's (not so) fabulous advice for password managnent

I just had to reset my phabricator password and the password reset e-mail I received had some great advice to keep me from forgetting/loosing my password again. ( this is no joke )

Condolences on forgetting your password. You can use this link to reset it: Login****

After you set a new password, consider writing it down on a sticky note and attaching it to your monitor so you don’t forget again! Choosing a very short, easy-to-remember password like “cat” or “1234” might also help.

Best Wishes, Phabricator

All the time and effort put into creating unbreakable passwords as well as finding a secure password manager was a waste of time! Why didn’t I think of this?



Looks like phabricator project exists for decades and they never updated
that part.