Phabricator Login Error

im trying to login to phabricator using onion address and im getting this prevention error:

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I’m having no problems with phabricator.onion login.

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I don’t think we can make that work.

using TBB? or normal browser?

phabricator.onion TBB

@mig5 can you check why this happening or is it possible to fix that?

only effecting phabricator.onion not the clearnet

Can’t be fixed by me/us, needs fixing upstream. Can’t find a way to fix it myself.

However, I did notice that after you get the error, if you visit the phabricator onion link again (can’t refresh as it’s put you back on clearnet, but you can click ‘back’ a couple times in your browser or just explicitly visit the phabricator .onion in the address bar again), you’ll find you actually are logged in. So the cookie worked, but Phabricator doesn’t understand it in the initial request somehow.

Onion over phabricator is a complete hack and doesn’t really work. The page content fetches many resources from regardless of being on onion (unless you are using HTTPSEverywhere rules to prevent that).