permission to ping gateway

Hello. I have setup whonix gateway with a pfsense firewall behind it. pfsense has 2 WAN’s the main with whonix gateway and a secondary from another line. I have setup a pfsense with a gateway group which enables the pfsense to share internet primarily from Whonix and if whonix is off from the other line. For this to work I need to be able to have the whonix gateway send ping reply so that pfsense can see that the gateway is up? I don’t want to have external pings. Just a ping inside the Whonix internal network. Can anyone help?

Whonix-Gateway ™ Firewall Settings



I will try it. Thnx for the help

Just tested it. Opened the firewall rules, changed it, reloaded the firewall rules. Didn’t work. I changed it also at the User Firewall Rules and it didn’t work. I deleted also the rule in iptables also doesn’t work. Anyway thnx for the try

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