Permanently Disable Tor Auto-Start

I’d like to do a little song & dance before letting my Gateway connect to Tor.

Can I Permanently Disable Tor Auto-Start by running:
sudo update-rc.d tor disable

When I’m ready to connect:
sudo /usr/lib/gateway-shortcuts/restarttor
or AppMenu -> Restart Tor

Any Whonix / Tor reasons not to do this? Any breakage?

Tor - Whonix

(Which sets DisableNetwork 1 in /etc/tor/torrc.)

I’d like to configure so I am required to start Tor manually on every boot (not just one time).

IIUC, using whonixsetup would require changing to DisableNetwork 0 after every boot and changing back to DisableNetwork 1 at each shutdown.

The question is more like how to do that for any systemd service. Not
specific to Tor.

Try this.

sudo systemctl disable tor

sudo service tor start

Thanks. Was wondering if any Whonix services depended on having Tor running at boot. (Even with DisableNetwork 1, Tor is still enabled and running). Since you’re not discouraging me from doing it, I think I have the answer. :slight_smile:

It might break things indeed. But not in catastrophic ways. I do not
foresee any at the moment. You’ll notice.