Permanent Takedown Ideas

If we are scratching the I2P as mechanism then what about generating a special purpose onion key that you’d run from any personal device at your disposal to communicate with users via Whonix News? Of course Whonixcheck would be modified beforehand to look for or ping this dormant onion.

Its slightly different from the Tahoe idea in that it is not asynchronous, but both would depend on you having a trusted key as a URI for Whonixcheck to look for.

As for image distribution it would happen via I2PSnark. Hosting apt packages and even git could only be done with Tahoe though.

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A single onion doesn’t pass that threat model as DDOS’ing it is too easy.

I see so it’s about the storage layer than fallback sites.

Attempts to use I2P Tahoe have failed so far. I’ll have to ask for troubleshooting help.

Also that wiki graphic is so cool. Where does he find them?

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Retroshare works over Tor(and I2P) and has plenty of options to share News or Files, why dont we use it?
BiglyBT also has the Feature to subscribe to an RSS Feed and download Torrents over I2P or Tor, eyedeekay (plans on) using it to update the I2P Addon over I2P and Clearnet.


I am working on making it possible to update the plugin entirely within I2P, in order to do that I’ve got a feed that will automatically distribute torrents to subscribers. If some super-cool BiglyBT users are out there who don’t mind donating ~5mb of disk space to the cause of bridging this extension across the I2P and clearnet torrent networks, there is a feed available here… which you can subscribe to.

Just as an Idea

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The code base has serious vulns according to an audit and they didn’t seem to eager to support a split design like ours. Also we need storage redundancy rather than a p2p hosting solution


The Tin Hat has a toturial on doing that (didnt tried it but might help):

if something not working you might better contact him through email or twitter:

From here :blush:


Thinkablemellow via Whonix Forum:

Retroshare works over Tor(and I2P) and has plenty of options to share News or Files, why dont we use it?

For one, because it’s a long way from an idea to an actual working

Did you read
Dev/Permanent Takedown Attack Defender - Kicksecure yet?

Maybe the idea isn’t well described there. It needs a notification
mechanism to show the user. Perhaps a GUI.

Retroshare is a GUI application in itself. It would have to be used
using the command line in background. Not with user clicks by mice. It
would just be a tool which runs in background to fetch the news file.
Dunno if retroshare could be used in that way. However, that’s also why
this is far from trivial to invent.

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