Paysafecard as donation method

A user recently asked if donations (Donating to Whonix ™) using paysafecard ( is possible.

I asked them, if Whonix could become a business partner. (become business partner link on their page)

They answer was no.

Dear Mr. Schleizer,

Thank you very much for your interest in paysafecard.

Unfortunately we cannot proceed with your application since the offered products are restricted by our compliance department.

We wish you the best of luck with your web shop.

kind regards,


I’ll ask them if they mind if users would voluntarily [of course] send the raw code.

Accepting paysafe cash codes as donation?

Whonix [1] is a Free Software project. Not a web shop. We are gratefully accepting donations. [2]

Since you didn’t want Whonix as a business partner, would you mind if we allow happy Whonix supporters to send us raw paysafe cash codes by e-mail?

Then we’d just use them as just another costumer. Nothing should speak against that?



[2] Donating to Whonix ™