paxful (similar to localbitcoins)

Paxful Review - Is Paxful Safe and Legit to Buy Bitcoin?

Paxful is a relatively young service, having launched in 2015.

While it has a track record, it’s a limited one.

So, caution is warranted.

Similar to localbitcoins

To carify my last post.

I did not puropse replace I was just commenting on the purposed edit. I really don’t know much about Paxful exchange. And of course, I would not add content like that without first discussing it here on the Whonix forum.

paxful is very similar to localbitcoins, if one is included in the wiki I don’t see a reason the other wouldn’t be (to clarify: I think both should appear).

The platform itself is legit as far as I know. Of course, scammers exist in both places. Caution is warranted anyway.

I made those latest changes to the wiki.

The reason I suggested Paxful is because they are essentially the same as Localbitcoins, but with cash options. Localbitcoins has removed cash options entirely. That is the “buying in cash” section of the wiki, so at the very least we need to remove Localbitcoins.