Pause circuit switching in a tab

Hello Whonix Community,

My first post here. I’ve been into anonymous OS for a few days. So I’m relatively new to this stuff.
Straight to the question. Is it possible to temporarily pause circuit switching in a certain tab or while browsing inside the same domain name?
I am asking this because, in some websites, your operation will fail if IP got changed during the process (eg; registration).

Recent versions of Tor Browser should do this automatically. Isolation per tab.
(Isolate browser streams by url bar domain rather than by time interval (#5752) · Issues · Legacy / Trac · GitLab)

Strange, just yesterday I installed Whonix, dist-upgraded, and download latest version of Tor.
I tried opening a tab, browsed to a IP determining website, left it for a minute or two and refreshed. IP got changed.

Possible. For example, if the Tor exit goes unavailable. Or Tor (Browser) changed something that I am not aware of.

Anyhow. If you want to do it, then it would be as per Whonix ™ - Anonymous Operating System.
Going through the Tor support channels, learning how to do this with TBB (Tor Browser Bundle), while Whonix is not involved, seems the best way to find this out. Please share if you figured it out.

I have figured out the workaround with changing IP problem.
I followed Whonix wiki on setting up this scenario “user > Tor > proxy” using FoxyProxy. It does work with system that checks for changing IP.

Have several questions tho.

  1. From what I read from wiki, I assume that Whonix will only allow all packets to 1) go through Tor 2) get blocked. If I use the above scenario and, for whatever reason, the proxy failed to hide IP. The destination server will only get Tor exit node, not my real IP. Am I understanding it right?
  2. When I shutdown the workstation, there’re two options. Suspend to RAM and suspend to Disk. Which one should I use?
  3. (Bonus) Thank for awesome OS!

Everything always goes through Tor but make sure to read the tunnel documentation:

None. Shutdown.