Passworded archives do not extract

If a archive has a password it gives this error (open with Xarchiver), it does not ask for password, i dont see any option or method to supply a password. I search for other linux software to extract but it says its already installed, i dont know why whonix cant do a simple archive task.

Could you try please to reproduce this outside of Whonix on Debian buster as per

I guess the same would happen there. Don’t see how anything that Whonix does would influence that.


If i decrypt this on tails (debian) it will ask for password before it extracts and it works. I dont have vanilla debian and cant install an entire OS to test this. If i try to create my own archive with xarchiver there is no option to create a password. There is an “enter password” option under the action menu, but it is always greyed out even if i open the password protected archive.

Please remove this dogshit archive software from whonix and suggest something that actually works, like what tails uses.