panopticlick shows I'm not anonymous on tor?

So i made a fresh new instalation of whonix, but when I run panopticlick it says:

Within our dataset of several hundred thousand visitors tested in the past 45 days, only one in 80101.0 browsers have the same fingerprint as yours.

Currently, we estimate that your browser has a fingerprint that conveys 16.29 bits of identifying information.

I go to https://amiunique.org/fp and it says:

Yes! (You can be tracked!)

41.77 % of observed browsers are Firefox , as yours.

4.76 % of observed browsers are Firefox 60.0 , as yours.

55.96 % of observed browsers run Windows , as yours.

25.47 % of observed browsers run Windows 7 , as yours.

63.85 % of observed browsers have set β€œen” as their primary language, as yours.

9.45 % of observed browsers have UTC0 as their timezone, as yours.

However, your full fingerprint is unique among the 1045680 collected so far.

Why is that i havent install anything. Can you give me an advice.

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