pam_namspace / namespace.conf to give user own private /tmp

namespaces.conf looks really interesting. We can give users their own view of certain directories. e.g. we can add

/tmp     /tmp-inst/       	level      root,adm

Which would show all users (except root and adm) only their own private /tmp which is really a copy of /tmp-inst/ that is mounted over /tmp for that user.



I can’t seem to enable the pam_namespace module to use this though.

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Sounds great! Maybe then we won’t need pam-tmpdir (which has some issues during testing and needs bug reporting).


This doesn’t have to be just a private /tmp. We can do tons of other things like give them their own private view of /home or /var/tmp.

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I tried this and failed. Enabled pam_namespace with debug in pam. Shows debug output. No errors. But also no private /tmp. Still shared among all users.

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