Package Upgrade Policy

Added just now to Package Upgrade Policy, defined the following terms.

  • Standard Package Migration (link)
  • Instant Package Migration (link)

Would it make sense to move some packages from standard package migration to instant package migration? Specifically (and only) having in mind here packages which are testers-only anyhow.

  • apparmor-profile-everything
  • hardened-kernel
  • hardened-malloc-kicksecure
  • sandbox-app-launcher

Just wondering if someone might want to be a tester of these packages without being bothered by being a “full” tester. For example sandbox-app-launcher has low chance of bricking the whole system. If worse comes to worse, sandbox-app-launcher would only “brick” itself. However, apparmor-profile-everything has higher chance to “brick”.

Or should users who are already using these packages from the stable repository be left alone, benefit from the standard package migration benefits?

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Packages that are “testing only” should be put on an instant migration track to speed up the user feedback cycle. There is already an expectation of instability and so no one wanting to test should be surprised or unprepared. On the other hand packages that can brick the system should perhaps be put in a more bleeding edge repo like dev only.

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