P2P Active Video/Image Sharing and Social Media

If we would like to share our images/videos/thoughts…etc in less surveillance/censorship way then we have to do it in decentralized formula:


  • There are tens of instances each project has you can search for them yourself.
  • Sadly Many of these projects using JS and WebRTC which both posses insecurity towards anonymous browsing.
  • Tor , I2P compatible means having Onion Hidden Services and/or Eepsites based on these projects.

:sunny: P2P Social Media:

:rosette: Worth Mentioning :dark_sunglasses: : Elgg is PHP (trivial JS used) centralized free software Social Media (compatible with Tor,I2P)

:sunny: P2P Image sharing: (Instagram like project)

:sunny: P2P Video Sharing:

If there are more ACTIVE (<- please focus on this because i dont want projects that doesnt have active instances using them) projects please mention them below so i can add them.

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