Own Whonix for ten minutes.


Does know anyone a good howto: “Own Whonix for ten minutes?” Wiki is too large and complex.

Whonix Standalone VS Qubes-Whonix

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What do you mean by “for ten minutes”? “In ten minutes” perhaps? If so, setting Whonix up is possible via KVM in less than five minutes via this guide which I already linked you to in the past: https://www.whonix.org/wiki/KVM/Installation_Screenshots

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I want create my own Whonix version.


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So what you’d like to do is fork Whonix? You’d like to create a version independent of it? Or simply compile it? If you’d like to just compile Whonix, please use this guide: https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Dev/Build_Documentation This will take more than ten minutes though since compiling takes a lot of performance and thus with most systems, time.

If you really want to for Whonix and think you can do this in less than a few days, maybe even months, then you are a) very optimistic and b) likely have never done such a thing. To fork something you need intricate knowledge of the source, a intro to which you may find here: https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Dev/Source_Code_Intro Adding to that, quite some sizable knowledge in coding as well as multiple programing languages, Tor, virtualization and Linux in general.

If you really even thought about creating “my own Whonix version.” in “ten minutes” and actually go so far as to say that the “Wiki is too large and complex.” you will not be able to do it. If you seriously want to fork something (especially something obscure like Whonix) you’d actually think that the documentation we have is rather short, since to fork something like this, like mentioned, very intricate knowledge is necessary.

If you seriously think you could create a derivative version of something like Whonix with any meaningful changes in it with a guide short enough to be read in 10 minutes, I’d recommend for you to start by learning a programing language, maybe Python or Ruby. It also doesn’t wonder me than that you think the developement of LXQT is “slow” when what they are doing is actually massive and takes time.

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And “Linux from scratch” is it when you rewrite the Linux from scratch?
Whonix based on Debian repository and we can use packages from Debian repository. We can use Debian images. I want to use Debian-Mini or Debian from scratch.
Also we can use configs from Whonix, Tails, Qubes, and many many other.


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Regarding LFS, I don’t think you read their documentation: http://www.linuxfromscratch.org/lfs/view/development/ Otherwise you wouldn’t think of something like this as simple, because it isn’t.

Then, again, go through our compiling guide. It is the MINIMUM you need to run the basic Whonix configuration on whatever base you fancy. Though again, depending on both your system and your abilities, it will take you days, if not weeks to finish this because there are massive amounts of data which need to be compiled which simply isn’t doable in 10 minutes.

If you are really serious about compiling Whonix for a custom base, which like mentioned takes time and care, I’d start here: http://www.aboutdebian.com/compile.htm It is a good guide, explaining the basics and showing why this can’t be done simply.

What? Do you know what Debian Minimal is? It is a NETWORK install. That means, it is a small FILE which while installing gets the REST/ENTIRETY of Debian from their servers. Debian Mini base Whonix thus is the SAME as the Whonix you can download from our website.

And Debian from Scratch? Why? What advantage do you gain? It is safer or anything, it is just so you may learn to compile. Their’d be no advantage. Or to quote Linux.com:

Debian From Scratch (DFS) is not everyone’s distribution. It’s not an easy install. You need to know your hardware. You need to be prepared to take pains. And, at the end of the process, the result looks like any Debian system installed by another, usually easier and quicker, means. So why take the time?
One answer is that DFS offers a chance to learn about aspects of installation that you’ve never explored. Even if you have no background in computing, the do-it-yourself mentality of the free and open source communities is contagious. You may want to explore DFS out of sheer curiosity.

Source: https://www.linux.com/news/installing-debian-scratch

So what you are doing by basing Whonix on Debian Minimal or DFS is getting the SAME as the Whonix you can download from https://www.whonix.org/download/

If you want to learn how to compile and do things from scratch, this is of course great, though I feel like you should start with easier stuff, like the guide I linked above.

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I want to remove some packages and add some others.
Change DE and apps and not only.


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But then why do you want to create a custom version? I already told you in the Desktop Environment discussion, if you like something installed or removed, INSTALL or REMOVE it. Whonix doesn’t prevent you from doing this.

For this you DON’T have to compile Whonix anew or make a “custom/own” version. You wouldn’t make your “own” Windows if you wanted to change the wallpaper or install another browser, would you?

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