outlook email XSS attack on TBB (using whonix-qubes)

logged in outlook , with “temporary allow this page” option from noscript. then potential XSS attack. c this:- (sorry old-mobile camera, cant take easy screen shots from qubes)

more:- (poor whonix&telegram)

is this normal ? anyone has any reports about these attempts? is it legally ? (yeah dah its Microsoft = NSA = certified legal :white_check_mark: )

Good day,

seeing how you are using both the browser version of telegram and the Whonix forum (obviously), is it possible that you have notifications activated on both of them? That can occasionally mess with the entire setup.

Have a nice day,


i dunno actually but it seems the XSS attacks were one after one.

here is a text version (i opened outlook and let the console records many attacks/error messages …etc as it can).


i have posted these actions/attempts of Microsoft outlook inside noscript forum let c the issue. click here

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