OTR will connect but will NOT authenticate

I installed freetalk. When typing “freetalk” into terminal it ask for my jabber ID and pass. With my 1st account, after about 30 seconds of entering the password I would get the “hangup” error. I tried entering an incorrect pass to see if I get I different outcome, but still got the hangup error. After fully restarting a couple times the only thing I could think of is to make a new jabber account. This time after entering my pass it stays at the “Authenticating…” screen forever. I am completely stumped, need some advice.

I ran apt-get list --installed and OTR or freetalk where not there. I installed freetalk again, no errors. Looked at the list again, says its not installed?

freetalk, never heard of it, no longer in Debian. You’re better off using a chat client from here: