Otr plugin for gajim

How to install OTR plugin in gajim? I re-read the documentation, but could not find a solution, please help.

gajim OTR is discouraged.

offtherecordplugin · Wiki · gajim / gajim-plugins · GitLab says

  • There are some bugs that can lead to accidently sending plaintext. It is recommended to use PGP or OMEMO instead. See OMEMO.
  • The plugin won’t work with Gajim >= 1.0 as it was not ported to python3. There is no port planned.

What about using OMEMO instead?

Instant Messenger Chat says

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install gajim gajim-omemo gajim-httpupload

if the interlocutor OTP I will not be able to communicate with him… [OMEMO] not common

Whonix wiki page about chat Instant Messenger Chat currently has to chat client documented that supports OTR.


Your issue isn’t specific to Whonix. It could also be resolved out as per Free Support for Whonix ™.