OTFC IRC issues - new Tor friendly Whonix IRC channel?

OFTC is the official #Tor, so it was a good idea to have the official #Whonix there as well.

At times OFTC bans Tor users. (Reference: OFTC - OFTC and Tor)

So we should at least have a temporary alternative place to meet up. Any suggestions?

Asked on tor-talk:

OFTC is back. Yet, It would be nice to have an alternative, in case they ban Tor for a long time agai .

Issues are back. Too often they ban all new connections from Tor users.

It would be great if we had a solution for Whonix 9 because the whonix-ws-irc-chat-support (Shortcut to join the Whonix user-to-user Support Channel) package needs this.

Tails developers started meeting up on

irc.indymedia.org apparently requires a self signed certificate. Even if it worked, you’d most likely still need a SASL account, at least their hidden service h7gf2ha3hefoj5ls.onion requires a SASL account.

Freenode also requires as SASL account.

And registering a SASL account is very difficult because you need to connect at least once without being detected as a Tor user. Too bad usablity for the Chat Support shortcut on Whonix-Workstation desktop.

IronSoldier on irc.oftc.net #Whonix suggested to use cfyfz6afpgfeirst.onion. (https://anarplex.net/agorairc/)


xchat --url irc://cfyfz6afpgfeirst.onion/#Whonix


  • It force joins #agora first, then joins #Whonix. Not sure how confusing that would be for users of the chat support desktop icon.