OpenVPN over TOR

There was a need to hide the use of the TOR network on the end node before going to the WW, I eventually chose to use OpenVPN. However, I did not find a single recent manual for connecting VPN on Whonix Workstation, all the read manuals and guides were dated for a long time / do not work / apply exclusively to Qubes OS.
The question is, have anyone had successful OpenVPN practices lately and which VPN services are best suited for this? I also stumbled upon RiseUP VPN but suddenly found “The Riseup “legacy” VPN may have been discontinued, as it no longer works for the author of these instructions.” in the VPN-firewall manual, so question stays open.
Looking forward to your opinions about whole practice hiding TOR usage and actual methods.

It’s up to date. Nothing changed since. It’s difficult because it’s VPN provider specific.

Whonix doesn’t test / endorse any VPNs.