Onionshare Error

Anybody has issue with Onionshare error:

Command Filtered:

Try changing how onionshare connects to the Tor network in the settings

Which is the best option to connect Onionshare from within Whonix, via Tor?

This setting:

How should Onionshare connect to Tor?

→ Use the Tor version built into Onionshare
→ Attempt auto-configuration with Tor Browser
→ Connect using control port
→ Connect using socket file

Does it require a bridge to connect if Whonix is also using a bridge?

Is there any particular reason why there would be an “Error uploading” message?

It just seems to be stuck on “Sending data to initial Tor node”

You failed again to read the wiki.

Does the receive mode running inside TailsOS require any change in firewall rules?

The file share is done by the sender using a Tor Browser, and they are provided a .onion link in this


The wiki is here:

How can you tell that?

I try to send file just as a test from a Tor Browser window to an onionshare instance in “receive mode”

running inside TailsOS. Inside the onionshare app it shows a HTTP 200 “ok” code. But when sending the

test file using the Tor Browser, it gets uploaded, but just gets stuck on

“Sending data to initial Tor node” and then the upload fails

The sending VM is a Whonix-ws running a Tor Browser

This is not a Tails support forum!

Because you failed to mention steps to reproduce the issue, which documentation you’re reading and because the Command Filtered issue happens if you don’t do it as said in documentation.

Now apparently you’re past that issue and got a new issue?

You’re talking about this whonix-gw setting?

The tailsOS version of onionshare doesn’t provide an onion client authorization private key

it just gives an onionshare address and not a private authorization key

What has it to do with Whonix?

The documentation for setting onionshare up is provided by Whonix. Second, the VM from which

the share is being attempted is a Whonix-ws. I have followed the instructions for both workstation

and gateway setup, and have gotten past this error. Now I have a new error:

"There was an error with Tor: SETEVENTS rejected HS_DESC

https://github.com/Whonix/onion-grater/blob/master/usr/share/doc/onion-grater-merger/examples/40_onionshare.yml might need an update since Debian now ships a newer version compared to when this onion-grater profile was last tested.