OnionShare 2.6 Settings question.


I installed OnionShare 2.6 inside a Whonix Virtual Box version using snap.

So I have some questions. If I setup OnionShare 2.6 to “Attempt auto-configuration with Tor Browser” then am I creating a Tor Over Tor scenario?

The option “Use the Tor version built into OnionShare” didnt work… can not establish connection… and the progress bar get stuck at 10%.(OnionShare 2.2 works perfect with “Use the Tor version built into OnionShare”.). That option *First One on the list, only works if I use a bridge.

Also if I connect using control port am I creating a tor over tor?
Control Port 9051
SOCKS Port 9050

Thanks you so much.

Did you read Whonix documentation on the topic?


Correct me if I am wrong but if I setup Onionshare to connect using socket file with → /run/anon-ws-disable-stacked-tor/ and I put a 0 on IP and 0 on port I am not geting inside a Tor Over Tor scenario and everything should work fine and secure. True?

Thank you.

The only supported way is as per Whonix documentation.

snap instillation method is undocumented, unsupported.

Similar to flatpak installation method.

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