OnionCat - tunnel TCP, UDP, ICMP, IPv6 or else Tor / i2p by using TAP/TUN tunneling device


OnionCat can tunnel TCP, UDP, ICMP, IPv6 or any other protocol through Tor or i2p by creating a TAP/TUN tunneling device.

It is a much underrated, neglected tool.

It can also be used in Whonix. Documentation on using OnionCat has been updated:



It’s a closed network without exit to clearnet, so is useless.

@Patrick add a #todo ‘L2 VPN over TOR’ for the Router VM. Will consolidate later

Add TODO where?

VPN and Whonix, Tor:

Meanwhile page https://www.whonix.org/wiki/OnionCat was deleted since abandoned upstream (removed from Debian meanwhile).

@Patrick :grinning: sorry. Meant it as a possible wish list of things to do. As in mental note of things pending against my name. Though if you want to start a TODO thread we can do that do and consolidate the list later

Could you create an account here at Whonix phabricator please?


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