Onion service authentication problem

There is an onion service that I go to and it requires authentication (key), I enter this key and it writes to me: Command filtered
I only had this problem on Whonix If you use a regular tor browser (on Windows for example), then everything is fine, then the problem is in Whonix

Does anyone know how to solve this problem? Not a single guide helped me

Onion Client Authorization

I’ve seen but I haven’t figured out how to add the onion service I’m trying to access there and the key to it

I don’t understand.

As per Sample Bug Report required are:

  • Steps to reproduce the behavior
  • Expected behavior
  • Actual behavior

There are two options to setup Onion Service Client Authentication. Choose either option A) or B).

Which method did you use?

First method A)

I entered the command in Whonix Gateway: sudo onion-grater-add 40_onion_authentication
And now It saying: Unable to configure Tor with your key

Could be either:

  • A) user error or;
  • B) could be an onion-grater profile issue that requires debugging by an advanced user or developer as per:

I found a solution to the problem. You need to enter the command: sudo systemctl restart onion-grater and restart Tor Browser

Should not be required. For a long time already recent stable versions of Whonix do this automatically. Source code: anon-gw-anonymizer-config/usr/bin/onion-grater-add at master · Whonix/anon-gw-anonymizer-config · GitHub

systemctl --no-block --no-pager restart onion-grater

That is possible. A previously confused Tor Browser due to onion-grater rejection might not recover before it is being restarted.

Added that to documentation just now.