.onion Gaming: iopietro/Travianz live on travian3ryanipfs.onion

Hello. Wanting to be active in the gaming world in the .onion space I decided to give “Travian Browser Game” a try. Assuming it was a non-free game I casually chose the player name nonfreegius until one of the top ranked players “Hodor” told me the link to GitHub where it is stated that the code is licensed GNU General Public License v3.0.

You don’t need to join the Discord server. I didn’t and find it kind of apalling, we could possibly make an IRC network or maybe go to hackint’s onion v3 transports that they got. I think they are pretty open about channels about almost anything, even gaming.

Assumingly one can run their own instance of this gaming server. Just learnt this today. If you want you can join, I know you could be hooked to this game but maybe that’s a risk worth taking in order to build some sort of community in .onion gaming space :smiley:

I also made a post on reddit /r/onions about this

Thanks @Tor_Gaming for your interest in this game.

I am the admin and I host this server.

I thought I should first make it clear that I have personally no relation with the awesome guys that actually wrote the code and put it on GitHub for everyone to use it (link above).

It is actually Travian 3.5 rewritten from scratch by a dedicated team of volunteers on GitHub.

What I did is merely taking the latest available version (8.3.5) and host it on Tor.

This current server is at 20x speed and has begun on 1st July. It is completely free, I distribute infinite golds on demand :slight_smile:

So feel free to join:


I plan on making new rounds one this one is terminated, possibly at higher speeds.

I actually started a first slow, 1x version a year ago, that is still available here if you prefer low speed:

3ghcpom7jira34ke.onion (it was originally hosted at travian3ryanipfs.onion)

One last note: I am a fan of Whonix and I actually plan this week-end to have the virtual Linux machine on which the server is running hooked to a Whonix Gateway for better security! (and because I love Whonix)

So it’s also a good opportunity for me to thank all the Whonix community for your awesome job!

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Nice. Wow, way beyond my expectations :slight_smile: (in a good way!)

Maybe I’ll ask you one day for tips on how to run my own instance of this server. Maybe we could write a guide together on instructions on how to install the server on the latest version of Whonix Workstation some day.

Didn’t expect at all that you held the Whonix community in such a high regard. I’m not really part of Whonix yet but I’m a fan of this kind of software and the whole “security by isolation” philosophy, although I’ve been away for a while(mainly because I couldn’t find a decent free, libre open source software gaming platform to settle on. Though this Travian game it’s very much alike even amongst the most popular game genre that is enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of players on the mobile platform.

I can’t seem to reach the modded server nowadays, though I’ve noticed that the normal speed server is more reachable. Are you discontinuing the modded experience?

If nothing else, the modded experience was a good exercise in learning the game mechanics. I find the normal speed server more interesting due to having a difficult experience something I look forward to.

Hello, are you still having problems connecting to the server?
No, I am not discontinuing the 20x speed server.
Great that you are having fun :slight_smile:

Hello everybody!

The first private Travian Server on the Darknet will start a new round on Monday January 13, 2020 with x100 speed instead of x1 speed.

Link: travian3ryanipfs.onion

This means that resources and troop production will be 100x faster than usual.

As always, this server is completely free, and each player is entitled to an unlimited amount of gold on demand. Gold is used in-game to provide various benefits to players.

Travian is a well-known war browsing game with thousands of players. This server is based on “Travianz”, a free 3.5 version completely rewritten from scratch available here: (link removed).

As a reminder, Travianz developers are in no way related to this Darknet server.

Link: travian3ryanipfs.onion

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