Onion Circuits overview (and nyx) in Whonix does not show my onion service circuits

I have successfully setup my onion service in Whonix and i can reach it from the outside.

But the Onion Circuits overview only shows circuits i made as a client (with Tor Browser for example) but nothing about my onion service circuits which means i am totally blind about what my onion service is doing.

That’s not really great because Whonix will only be used for the onion service so i care more about my onion service circuits than about my little client activity circuits.

In the past and outside of Whonix i failed at correctly configuring Onion Circuits but i have successfully used nyx to observe traffic flows and circuits of my onion service by feeding it the control socket of the tor process with the onion service.
But in the Whonix default configuration nyx doesn’t show any signs of life at all (probably because it only works if you run a relay in Whonix?)

The documentation of Onion Circuits and nyx does not mention anything about how to use either of them to monitor your onion service traffic.

How can i use both (Onion Circuits and nyx) or at least one of them to show the circuits and traffic of my onion service?

Consider https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Free_Support_Principle.

Imagine this question about Tor on the host, without any VMs, without Whonix. Then try Tor-specific support places unrelated to Whonix.

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