Ok to use uMatrix instead of NoScript?

I get the impression the answer is going to be “use no script” but to me uMatrix is much more user friendly. They seem to do, for the most part, the same thing so my question is what are the disadvantages of installing umatrix and disable noscript and going that route? (other than maybe fingerprinting if some level of jscript is on? Will save for another q/post.

Either it will not provide the same security and most likely make your fingerprints unique



How many people use UMatrix in combination with Tor Browser? 3, 10, 50? It is likely to be less than 100 at any rate. Why risk going from a pool of 2 million users down to less than 100 for the unproven additional protection afforded by this add-on?

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Its a pity but point taken. Thanx for the input.