Note to other users, kGPG seems to be broken in the latest version

Signing now is not possible and results with a message
"Signing not possible: bad passphrase or missing key"

This seems to be a bug that re-appeared recently

just letting you know

Just a follow up. Updating to whonix 12 doesn’t fix it as expected as there is nothing updated related to that.
This is the latest version of kgpg and we are I suppose at the devs mercy on this one.

In case someone else has the same problem (pretty much every whonix user should have) feel free to post here.

Works for me in Whonix 12. Can sign, encrypt, decrypt, verify. For both,
passwordless and password protected gpg private keys.

ok now that is odd.
Anyone else?

Now freshly upgraded to whonix 13 I still can’t sign.
Everything else works fine.

Signing doesn’t even ask for password before throwing that message “Signing not possible: bad passphrase or missing key”

Searching the web this bug seems to be known but very rare and hard to reproduce. I thought more whonix users will be affected since I haven’t changed much in the fresh install and have it.

Please state the steps you are taking exactly so I can try to reproduce the issue. (You are talking about KGpg GUI and not gpg CLI right?)

Here’s what works for me:

  1. File -> Open Editor
  2. Type in a test message.
  3. Click Sign/Verify
  4. Choose Private Key from Dialog
  5. Signed message appears
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