Not able to update Whonix-ws templateVM after apt-get upgrade

I started having a problem after upgrading whonix-ws template with apt-get upgrade. Now when I start the template I get a message saying

Whonix-Gateway NetVM required for updates!

Please ensure that this TemplateVM has a Whonix-Gateway as its NetVM.

No updates are possible without an active (running) Whonix-Gateway VM.

I still try so do a apt-get update but for some reason the template is not connected to sys-whonix and I can not get it to connect via GUI or command line.

My whonix-ws template uses sys-whonix as a netvm and I checked with

qvm-prefs -l whonix-ws netvm

It returned sys-whonix as my net vm. I’m not having any problems updating my other Templates. I update all of them over Tor while using sys-whonix as a netvm. I also cloned another whonix-ws template and updated it and the same thing happened so it has to be something to do with the updates. I’m not sure if its a Qubes or a Whonix issue.

Also I don’t know what logs would be needed to figure out the problem.

Thanks in advance

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