Noobs, newbs and beginners - assemble?

As indicated by username,
not a (tech) ninja.

But after about a half hour look in these forums, including searching for noobs, newbs, and beginners - in that order - I found out that:

a) there are a few “noob” posts
b) zero “newbs”
c) zero “beginners”

At least according to forum search results, available to me. Even the noob posts tended to be several technical pay-grades above me. In other words, there didn’t seem to be any central page for non-technical folk to get advice on eg how to feedback as a non-technical noob.

tl;dr need a noob page

There are various references for newcomers, easily searchable via search in the half hour I spent trying to find a newb page, such as:

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Maybe whonix noobs for noobs? A more general feedback forum would be great.
Apologies if my google fu fails me and something like this already exists.


edit: looked at nearly 300 kicksecure/whonix help pages over the last week or so, it’s been a mission - love to share some of what I learnt as a new user.

Thank you for your feedback! Your unique perspective on this could be very helpful.


talks about this.

Linked to form the header of the forum under Tips.

Other than that, I don’t think what you’re looking for exists.

Whonix ™ Documentation is massive but it might be too technical and many novice users might be lost at hello. At the same time as a developers doing this for more than a decade, it’s hard to guess what might be missing in the documentation.

If there are any modifications for the wiki, then please edit:
Improve the Documentation / Edit the Whonix ™ Wiki

If new wiki pages are required, please let me know, I can create these and then you can start editing.

As for user support, we don’t have contributors available that are willing to help with novice questions. Hence instead it is being attempted to redirect these elsewhere as per the following wiki pages:

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